19th December 2013 -

Sub-station shipped to West Africa

Sub-station for AquaterraAutomated Technology Group companies, Igranic and PSJ Fabrications, recently dispatched a large, purpose-built offshore control sub-station to West Africa. The £500,000 unit has been supplied to Aquaterra Energy, a world-class and award-winning provider of offshore solutions, in a project worth in excess of £200 million. Constructed from stainless steel, the sub-station will be mounted on the deck of an offshore gas production platform.

Designed by Igranic and constructed in co-operation with PSJ, the module incorporates the feeders and motor starters to handle the main pumps, production equipment and supply to ancillary equipment – including navigational aids, UPS, battery back-up and CCTV – all under PLC control, which will be linked back to the client’s onshore facility via an umbilical. With the high ambient heat of the location and the main 200kW pumps (possibly up to 5) being controlled by variable speed drives each producing some 4kW in waste heat output, air conditioning was a major factor in the sub-station’s design to ensure equipment reliability and operator comfort.