28th July 2014 -

New shadow boards designed for rail applications

Shadow boardPSJ Fabrications has designed a new style of shadow board for tool storage. The unit has been designed to help tool control and work efficiency in a central London train maintenance facility, at which each of the operator’s trains is subject to safety checks and service routines every 14 days. Previously, the tools were loaded into old wooden trucks and wheeled to the various train service points. This was not only time-consuming but also meant that tools were often damaged, lost or taken out of calibration due to incorrect storage.

The new shadow boards are designed to carry the exact tools required for every job, with all items laid out in a methodical manner and stored correctly, which is vital for calibrated equipment such as a torque wrench. With the shadow boards placed at strategic locations on the service platforms, all tools are within easy reach of the technicians, avoiding the need to walk to the stores to pick up a forgotten item. An added bonus is the fact that the tools are readily available for inspection, so that any broken or missing items can be logged and replaced.

The design of the board is completely different to that of commercially available alternatives. Semi-enclosed by side panels, the board is secure from accidental damage and also protected from the worst of any airborne brake dust – this simply settles on the top, from where it can be easily cleaned away by maintenance staff.

The unit allows the use of standard shadow board hooks and features specialist brackets to support the torque wrench and magnetic base torches. It also provides a safe area for the standard-issue laptops, as well as an integral power supply to recharge these items.