23rd February 2015 -

Autodesk Inventor brings in new business

Autodesk InventorRecently Bill White, Technical Manager, and Jon Birkett, Programming Technician, attended a course run by Micro Concepts, the 3D software specialist training company, in Cambridge to improve their skills with Autodesk Inventor.

This is a new tool in PSJ Fabrications’ software resources and enables the design team to create detailed 3D digital illustrations quickly and easily, and then turn them into plans for producing sheet metal parts. The software runs alongside the existing Radan CAD CAM sheet metal package, which develops the tooling side of the parts.

As the Inventor software enables the team to produce designs for customers at the point of concept, it has quickly become a vital tool in the development of new business. Bill and Jon have already used these techniques to win new and exciting work and, in addition, the software gives the fabricators better visual drawings to build to.