5th November 2015 -

PSJ Fabrications expands Design and Development office

With PSJ Fabrications experiencing a significant increase in sales over the past year, the company is delighted to announce it has now expanded its Design and Development office to meet the growing customer demand.

As part of the upgrade the facility was fitted with additional workstations allowing the company to better accommodate its Design and Development team as well as provide options for further expansion. Refurbishing the facility also allows more members of staff to utilise and receive training on 3D Inventor software, which is widely used for delivering projects for automotive, oil and gas and other industries.

Through creating a three-dimensional model of the required part, the software allows PSJ Fabrications to visualise and modify all products prior to manufacture and make alterations to the design of the product, easily combining feedback from multiple sources and testing the item as many times as necessary to deliver the best possible result.

Expanding the Design and Development office is an important step for PSJ Fabrications, allowing the company to offer new job opportunities to skilled designers as well as provide valuable on-the-job training to more apprentices. The company looks forward to the future and is very excited about welcoming new members to its Design and Development team.