2nd March 2016 -

New Trunking Leaflets Available

Having over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying high quality metal products, PSJ Fabrications strongly believe in the importance of providing customers with the most up-to-date product information.

The company is pleased to have recently updated its leaflets for both heavy gauge and light gauge trunking which are among PSJ Fabrications’ most frequently ordered products. Used in most industrial applications, light and heavy gauge trunking produced by PSJ Fabrications has been supplied to many key clients within the automotive and food and beverage industry sectors.

Both heavy gauge and light gauge trunking are used as cable management solutions. While heavy gauge trunking is designed to protect and manage cables that otherwise would be run over the factory floor, light gauge trunking is used for cables that would be suspended on walls or above equipment if not managed.

PSJ Fabrications’ facilities and expertise allow trunking to be produced in any shape and size and manufactured from a variety of materials including galvanised steel and aluminium – all depending on the customer’s unique requirements. In addition, different types of gauge trunking throughout the ranges can be assembled into the same solution to create a bespoke product.

Both types of trunking offer such features as serrated nuts and bolts for secure fixings and 180 quick release turnbuckles and include lids, fixings and brackets. More information about heavy gauge and light gauge trucking and product specifications can be found by downloading PSJ Fabrications’ updated leaflets via http://psjfabrications.com/products/heavy-gauge-trunking/ and http://psjfabrications.com/products/light-gauge-trunking/.

In addition, you can also get in touch with the PSJ Fabrications’ team for a competitive quotation or request printed copies of the leaflets via the contact form http://psjfabrications.com/contact/.