18th April 2016 -

Improved Risk Assessment for PSJ Fabrications

RA-psj-webPSJ Fabrications are pleased to announce implementing a valued communication session on updated Risk Assessments that cover all day-to-day working activities.

The new assessments include the need to consider last-minute risk assessments (LMRA) to help evaluate unusual tasks such as the handling of loads. This will allow PSJ Fabrications’ customers to benefit from a more in-depth risk analysis and increased levels of risk reduction, emphasising the need for employees to share ownership of day-to-day tasks.

The company has delivered the updates through a number of communication sessions to ensure all employees have had the opportunity to input and address the requirements essential in identifying, minimising and managing health and safety risks that occur at PSJ Fabrications.

With health and safety being the number one priority to PSJ Fabrications, the company is delighted to show clients, staff and suppliers its dedication to achieving zero harm.