8th July 2016 -

The Automated Technology Group hosts open days at Wood Group

WG open day- additional1 PSJ Fabrications’ parent company, The Automated Technology Group, was delighted to showcase the strengths and expertise of its power and steel fabrication divisions by hosting two open days at the new Wood Group office in Aberdeen.

The open days took place on 28 and 29 June 2016 at the Sir Ian Wood House office in Altens, Aberdeen and were aimed at raising the profile of The Automated Technology Group and PSJ Fabrications among Wood Group employees and clients based in the area.

During the open days visitors had an opportunity to learn more about The Automated Technology Group’s and PSJ Fabrications’ capabilities and expertise within the oil and gas sector, as well as see some of the group’s core power and steel fabrication products. The Automated Technology Group was represented by power experts Andy Cooper, Ian Paterson, Mike Skelly and Enzo Lombardi, and Gareth Bull and Gary Allsopp were there to answer all questions for PSJ Fabrications.

“It was a pleasure to host this event to increase awareness about the benefits of our products and services. There was much enthusiasm in our conversations with both staff and clients who attended the open days and we have been busy following up with our new contacts with regards to future opportunities,” commented Ian Paterson, Regional Sales Manager for The Automated Technology Group.

WG open day mainThe Automated Technology Group and PSJ Fabrications would like to thank everyone who attended the open days in Aberdeen and thank Wood Group for their help in promoting and organising the event. Gareth Bull, Managing Director for PSJ Fabrications commented “It was fantastic to see such high interest in our broad range of products and in our offshore structural steel fabrication capabilities in particular. We look forward to hosting similar events with Wood Group in the future to strengthen relationships across all businesses and build long-term success.”