CE Marking

CE Approval is one of the most significant changes in the construction industry in the past decade. All construction products must now be CE Marked and for fabricated structural steelwork it became mandatory on 1st July 2014.

PSJ Fabrications Ltd are very proud to have achieved CE Approval. This has required extensive work and attention to the new obligations imposed by the new standards which has led to the company being awarded with BS EN 1090-1 : 2009 + A1 : 2011 accreditation.

Gaining the approval for CE Marking of Fabricated Structural Steelwork assures products produced by PSJ Fabrications Ltd comply with the appropriate manufacturing standards to be sold across the European Union. The accreditation also allows PSJ Fabrications’ products to be used in Consequence Class(CC) 2 and 3 projects, including residential, office, public, agricultural and other buildings.

Proof of Compliance

We have the following three documents in place:-

What does CE Marking Requirements mean for our customers?

Any party engaging a steelwork contractor who will be delivering fabricated structural steelwork to site should now carry out due diligence to ensure all work is CE Marked.