PSJ trunking has been designed with quick and easy installation in mind, leading to savings in time and money. It brings together over 50 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high-quality metal products. Our trunking has already been supplied to the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, BMW and Coca Cola.

Used in most industrial applications, the light gauge trunking is designed to protect and manage cables that would otherwise be suspended on walls or above equipment.


The light gauge trunking is constructed from 0.9mm thick galvanised steel, providing resistance to rust. It has been developed using our vast expertise and knowledge of sheet metal installations across some of the largest factories within the UK. Indented tabs on all joints mean they slot into straight lengths, eliminating the need for extra joining parts. This leave’s a clean and flush join and a reduction in installation time.

We also supply a range of jigs to allow the installer to drill joining holes quickly and precisely. In addition the lids are securly fastened with 180° quick release turnbuckle’s.

Partitions are available and can be supplied pre-fitted or loose to the lengths. Serrated nuts and bolts are supplied to make sure the trunking is securly connected, and to ensure earthing continuity.

The standard light gauge is available in heights of 50mm and 75mm and widths ranging from 50mm to 400mm. However we can also custom make it to any size that you require and when one size is not enough, different size and gauge trunking throughout the range can be assembled and incorporated into the same solution.