PSJ provide a CNC laser cutting service with the capacity to process a vast range of material, through a wide range of thicknesses. The lasered work pieces have cut edges of highest quality and do not need to be refinished, immediately ready for assembly, providing a competitive advantage. Due to the laser’s versatile nature, we also offer the ability to cut aluminium and stainless steel along with a variety of other materials, including brass, copper and a variety of exotic materials.

All programming is carried out offline, enabling us to effortlessly switch products between CNC laser and CNC punch to provide the most economic manufacturing methods.


The development of laser systems for use in industrial environments during the eighties marked the beginning of a revolution in material-processing.  The high power-density in the spot of the focused laser beam melts almost any material in a fraction of a second.  Cut without contact or force exertion on the work piece, we offer high processing speeds with minimal distortion of the work piece.

Today, the laser is a common tool, primarily used for cutting, welding and marking.  The work piece geometry can be simple or intricate – the laser beam can handle it all.