The Final Touch

Powder coating is recommended for durability, and can be applied to any metallic material, including aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel, with which it is most commonly associated.

In order to provide the best possible adhesion, all materials are degreased, with additional pre-treatments available when required.

The powder is then electrostatically applied to the earthed material forming an even coating.

This is then subjected to the correct temperature for a specific length of time, which allows the powder to melt and flow across the component producing a continuous film. This finally cures to form a resiliant coating to a minimum thickness of 50 microns (0.050mm).

In addition to having excellent mechanical properties, powder coating is environmentally friendly as no harmful solvents are used in its application (unlike the conventional ‘wet paint’ systems). Powder coating fully complies with all the latest global legislation and with a maximum weight loss of only 1%, virtually all the powder is used in the coating process. With conventional ‘wet paint’ systems having a final weight loss of 40-60%, the powder coating system offers significant saving.